Welcome to Silly Season! Love it or hate it, this time of year can be a tricky minefield to navigate if you’re conscious of trying to maintain your health, energy and weight. It’s so much fun to celebrate with friends and family, but how do you go about sticking to your health and wellness goals without being a complete Christmas scrooge, or THAT person at the party?

Here are my Top Tips on How to Navigate This Silly Season in Style, and this article comes with a BONUS free downloadable with the EXACT recipes I recommend to let you party in style this Silly Season.


1. Choose Your Drinks Wisely
You’re in holiday mode and you don’t want to be a scrooge. So you indulge in a few margaritas with the girls here, and “mandatory” drinks at your work do, to get you through. It’s SO easy to get on the tequila train during the holidays but if you’ve got low energy and your hormones are off, drinking will throw off your blood sugar levels, add extra stress to your liver and kidneys and make your adrenals freak out in a major way. If you’ve been diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue, or experience brain fog, forgetfulness and anxiety, I recommend to skip the alcohol and go for a mocktail instead.

There are so many natural and tasty non alcoholic liquors like natural elderflower, passionfruit and fresh berries with plenty of crushed ice, which won’t leave you feeling left out a the party and deflated the next day. 

If you are having a few, choose your drink wisely. Here is a summary of worst to best drink choices this silly season:

  • Champagne, although lovely and bubbly, is the poorest drink of choice. Drink this occasionally and sparingly and here’s why: champagne, or sparkling if from anywhere other than the region in France, contains both sugar and yeast. That’s also why it goes to our heads and champagne hangovers are the WORST, due to the high levels of sugar, yeast and preservatives.
  • Drinking a wheat beer can equate to eating a few extra slices of bread…per drink. If we consume 4-5 drinks, that’s nearly an extra loaf in calories we’ve consumed in liquid form without even thinking about it.
  • Pina coladas. Shamefully these were my drink of choice in my early 20’s. That was, until I found out that a single one of these contained all my calories for a week! This goes for all those delicious creamy cocktails like toblerones, grasshoppers and anything cream and liqueur based as well.
  • Daiquiris, mojitos and caipirinhas taste great because they consist of a sugar based alcohol such as rum or cachaca, a sugar based liqueur, sugar syrup, sugar which is sometimes fancily listed as “gomme” along with a flavoured syrup. Fine to have as a treat but be aware of the quantity and components of one of these. If you opt for this, consider asking to omit any extra favoured syrup but don’t even think about asking to take the sugar out. Take it from me, this tastes disgusting and you may be thrown out of the bar.
  • Sweet liqueurs like Midori, Blue Carucao and anything pre-mixed is mostly sugar. Avoid especially if you don’t want to lose street cred.

My Health Coach Tip:

Vodka, cognac, scotch, gin and red wine are your best options. If you’ve had a few drinks already, opt for a vodka soda with fresh lime or vodka or gin martini. You probably won’t appreciate anything else so you may as well minimise the sugar content.


2. Schedule in Some Me Time

One of the prominent issues I see with the women I coach, both with or without Adrenal Fatigue, is they forget to take some time to take some time ‘off’ their busy schedule. They tend to be ambitious, driven and motivated, especially after they increasingly get their energy back, and take this as licence to try and fit everything they wanted to before into their day. That’s not an issue in itself, but balancing out the time they exert energy with the time they replenish it allows them to keep their energy levels at a consistent level, especially in this season of ho ho ho.

My Health Coach Tip: When have a day off, instead of filling it with activities, chores and racing around for presents, Christmas decorations and ticking off your to-do list, try and incorporate a slice of the day to just be. That could mean reading a book you’ve meant to, taking an epson salt bath, spending time in nature or baking. Do whatever it is that rejuvenates you, rather than exhausting you in order to replenishing your head space and balance out your hormones so you don’t look back on this silly season as a big bundle of stress.


3. Detox your System if You’ve Overindulged

My go to is a natural charcoal powder which adsorbs to what’s in your system. The way I recommend you taking it is if you’ve overindulged in sugar laden desserts at the Christmas buffet or too much alcohol. Just make sure not to take it with any medication as it will bind to this as well. To find out more about Activated Charcoal, it’s benefits, dosage and the best time to take it, have a  look on my Facebook page.

Another great option is digestive enzymes. Taking these beforehand will assist in digesting your food effectively, especially if you eat things not normally part of your palate. Digestive enzymes can also help with bloating, gas and reflux after meals. Take the enzymes before a meal for the best results and give your digestion a leg up this silly season. 

My Health Coach Tip: Digestive enzymes and charcoal can be your best friend. 


4. Aim for the 80/20 rule

One of the best things about this time of year is the delicious traditional food we get to eat and share with others. It’s one of the true joys of Christmas time, and life wouldn’t be the same without it. This does NOT mean we should go hell for leather with a diet exclusively made up of candy canes, Christmas pudding and alcohol to wash it all down with.

I like to try and stick to an 80 / 20 food principle where I eat well as I normally would, and indulge 20 percent of the time. This means I’m not missing out, or feel deprived in any way. I know that if I’m eating this way for most of the time, I won’t thrown my hormones into a rollercoaster ride, and sustain my energy levels, quality of sleep and weight into the New Year.

My Health Coach Tip: If at a gathering with lots of food options, try and fill your plate with three things: healthy fats like avocado, macadamias and grass fed butter, with some veggies or salad, and a little bit of protein like grass fed meats or pasture raised eggs. That way you’re supporting your body with the nutrients it needs to have the energy you need to be in a good mood, with a clear mindset and the energy to unwrap those presents!

Your next steps?

1. Download your free Silly Season in Style Guide for a look at the types of recipes that boost your mood, energy and headspace.

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